IAQ home air analysis

Comprehensive air analysis

It’s vital that you know what your family is breathing

Did you know that the air inside your home can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside? Poor indoor air quality doesn’t look very different to fresh air in the home, there’s no dark cloud of smog sitting over your family.

Our Indoor Air Quality Home Air Analysis is a comprehensive test of the air of your home or office of VOCs and mVOCs. We set up a testing kit in your home and return after 1-2 hours when a large enough air sample has been collected to analyse. We then send it off to our AIHA accredited laboratory partner who carries out the analysis. Once the results have been returned to us, we’ll send you a report about your indoor air quality and return to discuss it. The report shows you exactly what’s in the air you and your family are breathing, discusses potential sources and recommends ways to improve it.

Charges for our IAQ Home Air Analysis service range from £150+VAT for the basic inspection of hazardous VOCs (£250+VAT if Formaldehyde analysis is required) to £550+VAT for a complete analysis of hundreds of individual VOCs and mVOCs (£650+VAT if this service includes Formaldehyde).

If you want to know what you’re breathing in everyday, set up your IAQ Home Air Analysis now.