Improving air quality one home at a time

Surveys and services to create healthy air

We are committed to providing clean air solutions for your home or office. Our services range from simple assessments of the air in your property for the causes of condensation and mould, through to an in-depth analysis of your overall air quality and recommendations on how to improve it. See each service for more information or get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

Condensation and mould

We will survey your property to identify the root cause of the mould and condensation issue and provide advice and recommendations to solve it.

Radon testing and mitigation

Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer in the UK after smoking. We are qualified to test and help you with a custom Radon reduction strategy.

IAQ home air analysis

Our science based testing technology analyses contaminants in the air you’re breathing every day. From there we can make recommendations to improve your air quality.

Extractor fan replacement

We offer a rapid fan verification and replacement service for those customers wishing to improve localised extraction ventilation performance in their properties.

New build / extension projects

Don’t wait until your property is built to think about ventilation and air quality. We will consult on your new build or extension and provide solution recommendations.


Our skilled installation partners will supply and fit your system correctly so it meets the minimum performance requirements and manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

MEV / MVHR design

A heat recovery or centralised extract system requires skill and experience to achieve. We can design, specify, install and commission the ideal system for your property.