Importance of IAQ

Do you know what you’re breathing?

Poor air quality is a global epidemic we’re fighting against

On average, we take around 30,000 breaths each day but we’re not always breathing in clean air. There is now substantial evidence that poor indoor air quality causes a severe impact on people’s health. While it may not look polluted, the air inside our homes can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside.

We’ve spent years trying to make our homes more energy efficient. When we blocked chimneys, insulated walls and roofs, and installed glazed, sealed windows, we essentially sealed our homes shut. Without fresh air being let in, we continue to breathe in pollutants building up in the stale, trapped air. Many ventilation manufacturers have focused on developing energy efficient products while ignoring the modern day requirements for ventilation. Energy efficiency is important but providing products that protect the people’s health should always be the focus.

Air pollution build up

There are many ways that air pollution builds up in the home.

  • Ineffective ventilation products
  • Moisture from activities such as cooking, washing and even breathing.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds from cleaning products, aerosols and formaldehydes in carpet and furniture
  • Mould spores bred from damp areas
  • Carcinogenic carbon monoxide from smoking and even cooking appliances
  • Radon from underground which is a major cause of lung cancer

These pollutants can take a huge toll on your health. Headaches, skin irritations and fatigue can result from short term exposure. Unfortunately, more serious respiratory illnesses and even cancer can develop from long term exposure and we are only just starting to understand the full implications of poor IAQ. Children and the elderly are particularly prone to air quality related illnesses.

Identifying the root cause of any air quality issue is key to finding a solution. At Domestic Ventilation Solutions, we can assess your home or office’s air quality and help you find the solution so you’re breathing clean, healthy air year round.