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Our passion is providing clean, healthy air to everyone

Our passion is creating living environments where people can breathe fresh, clean air. Over 92% of people live in an area where air quality affects their wellbeing. Many houses in the UK suffer from condensation, damp and mould and this directly affects the health of the occupants. Domestic Ventilation Solutions is an expert in air quality solution assessment and installation.

Our team

We have many years of experience in the IAQ industry, surveying properties, testing air quality and recommending solutions to solve, condensation, damp and mould problems.

We work with homeowners, landlords, housing associations and local authorities directly. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and find the source of your air quality issues whether it’s crawling into damp attics or spraying down mouldy walls.

From conducting comprehensive air quality surveys to consulting on new builds to providing and fitting specified ventilation products, we can help. Get in touch today!